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NDEs are real


NDEs are life changing experiences for the people who have them. But they should also be life changers for everyone else, because NDEs are real. They are no psychological tricks; they are real events. People actually leave their body, for which there is a lot of evidence. 

Here are some interesting NDEs that prove that NDEs are real. These NDEs contain veridical observations. These are observations that people make while being out of their body and that later proved to be correct. I would like to discuss three interesting examples, but a book written by 3 Dutch people contains more examples. Click here for information. 


Ellyn Dye saw the man reaching through the window

The first one is an experience where Ellyn Dye had a car accident and was severely injured. Whilst being out-of-her-body she notices that the man who caused the accident gets out of his car, walks over to hers, reaches through the window, and turns off the lights of her car. He does this in order to make the accident look as if Ellyn had been driving without lights. 

                                                                                        Read more in Ellyn’s website


A Dutch woman had seen the Great Recession already 22 years before

The second example is somewhat different. In this example the NDEr isn't able to see a specific place and the things that go on in that place, but the NDEr sees or feels the Great Recession coming. I was involved myself in this particular veridical observation. I interviewed her for my book, and at first I thought she had made everything up. But just half a year later, when the Great Recession actually started with the default of Leyman Brothers, I understood that she had been right all along. She had seen everything already in her NDE 22 years before the event.

Michaela saw both her grandmothers smoke

As a teenager Michaela was in a severe car accident. She was transported to a hospital in a helicopter. During her NDE, when she was out of her body, she saw that her parents and her both grandmothers were in the canteen of the hospital, waiting nervously for news from the emergency room. She also saw that her father desperately needed a smoke. To her great amazement her both grandmothers also went for a smoke, although they had never smoked.

See Michaela’s story (the grandmothers are at 11.00-11.30)

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